9 November 2018

Consultants from four of the largest specialties to talk about their career as pathologist for our new video series

One of our big objectives for this year has been to focus on promoting pathology as a career pathway. For National Pathology Week, we worked consultants from four of the largest specialties to talk about their career. The result is four honest and personal interviews that pull together experiences, questions and encounters of what it is like to work in the profession. Each of them answer the question of what a pathologist’s career actually entails. You can watch and share the 5 minute versions below.

If this has you feeling intrigued – as we expect it will do – then we’ve also shared the full interviews online. This playlist delves into deeper questions such as “does your role provide a good work/life balance?” and “do you get to take part in research?” All four pathologists even share a special case they remember, with each experience showing further confirmation of why they love their job.

We hope you will help us share these videos as widely as possible. We think they would be relevant to a curious student, a lecturer wanting to set some inspiring homework or even for the general public wondering about pathology in general. This set of videos demonstrate the diverse range of avenues and experiences that careers in pathology can offer.