20 October 2021

The College is delighted to announce the winner of the Percy Lane Oliver Memorial Award 2021.

The College is delighted to announce that the winner of the Percy Lane Oliver Memorial Award 2021 is Dr Stephen Thomas for his outstanding contribution to blood and transfusion science over the last 30 years working as a laboratory scientist, manager and senior leader in blood transfusion services. 

The standard of applications was extremely high this year, and after much deliberation the panel awarded the prize to Dr Stephen Thomas, for his work in the scientific and technical fields of transfusion. He has also undertaken committee work which has resulted in significant policy changes and been an active member of professional bodies. In his current role at NHSBT, he leads on a wide programme of development and implementation work across the blood supply chain and beyond. Steve was presented with his award at the British Blood Transfusion Society Conference held in September.


ST picture Percy Oliver Memorial awards 2021 resizw.jpg
Dr Stephen Thomas, recipient of the Percy Lane Oliver Memorial Award 2021. 


Dr Thomas said: “I am delighted and honoured to receive this award, which I accept on behalf of all scientists and support staff who work behind the scenes to deliver life-saving services. It is a privilege to work alongside such kind, intelligent and motivated people every day in such a worthwhile role.”

History of the Percy Lane Oliver Memorial Award

Percy Lane Oliver won international renown for creating, as a member of the Camberwell Division of the Red Cross, the world’s first voluntary blood donor service in 1921. The Oliver Memorial Fund was established in 1944, following his death, to perpetuate his memory and to, 'uphold the principle of voluntary blood donation; give public recognition to both professional and lay people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Science, Practice or Administration of Blood Transfusion; and ensure that the name and work of Percy Lane Oliver is recorded in medical history.'

In 2001, the Royal College of Pathologists took over the task of administering the Oliver Memorial Fund through Annual Awards to recognise achievements in transfusion medicine. The review process is overseen by the Transfusion Medicine Specialty Advisory Committee.