17 September 2020


The College is supporting the World Patient Safety Day to raise awareness about the importance of addressing health worker safety to help ensure the safety of patients. 

The College delivered a patient safety awareness week (PSAW) programme from 8-14 March 2020 as part of a rolling annual programme. The purpose of the programme was to raise awareness among members and highlight the many engaging ways in which the College can support members in improving safety in the workplace. We launched the following podcasts and videos as part of the programme.

Podcast 1: A conversation with Professor Peter Johnston

We speak to Professor Peter Johnston about preventing patient harm in laboratory settings.

Podcast 2: A conversation with Dr Gareth McKeeman and Liz Doran 

Listen to our conversation between consultant clinical scientist Dr Gareth McKeeman and Liz Doran, a patient undergoing treatment for breast cancer, about the ways in which pathologists and patients can learn from each other to improve patient safety in the workplace.


Below are the thoughts of some our future consultants on the importance of patient safety

College Patient Safety Resources

The College is working towards supporting its members with continual improvement of safety of services and care that pathologists and their teams provide.  We provide a number of resources to support our members to develop confidence, knowledge and skills which are needed to improve patient care. Some of these resources are: