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  • Guidance and Standard Operating Procedure COVID-19 Virus Testing in NHS Laboratories

    This document provides guidance and the SOP for COVID-19 testing for NHS E and I Pathology Network Laboratories. It will also provide information on communication routes and information flows that support the management of return of patient results.

  • Redeploying your secondary care medical workforce safely

    This guidance supports trusts to safely redeploy their secondary care medical workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak. It sets out the level of supervision staff may need if they are redeployed, to ensure they still work within their competency.

  • RCPath guidance for remote digital pathology

    This guidance document outlines the recommendations of the Royal College of Pathologists’ Digital Pathology Committee regarding temporary remote reporting of digital slides in times of clinical and service necessity.

  • Use of vacuum tubes in pathology – change in guidance

    The previous guidance from Public Health England regarding the use of pneumatic tubes for the transport of COVID-19 samples has been amended. The prohibition of their use for COVID-19 samples has been removed. All pathology services with pneumatic tubes should now be using this guidance.

  • COVID-19 rapid guideline: delivery of systemic anticancer treatments

    The purpose of this guideline is to maximise the safety of patients with cancer and make the best use of NHS resources, while protecting staff from infection. It will also enable services to match the capacity for cancer treatment to patient needs if services become limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Initial RCPath guidance for trainees related to Covid-19

    Initial guidance for trainees related to Covid-19 in a joint letter from the Clinical Directors of Examinations, Training & Assessment and the Chair of the Trainees' Advisory Committee.

  • Clinical academics and COVID-19: information and guidance

    This information and guidance has been provided on behalf of the major research funders and wider research community across the four nations.

  • COVID-19 business continuity updates from NHSBT

    This page contains information and updates to help clinical and laboratory staff manage the impact of COVID-19, including current blood stock levels.

  • Examination deferrals due to COVID-19 – FAQs

    The Examinations department has received a number of queries with regard to the decision to defer exams – this page covers the most frequently asked questions.