For attendees to actively participate with an international multidisciplinary exchange of up-to-date topics and related issues concerning patients with muscle diseases, which brings together experts and budding myologists from various disciplines.

To allow correlation between clinical, pathology, genetics, neurophysiology and other relevant aspects concerning muscle diseases. To receive an update on a selected topic (topics) by expert speakers and to be able to discuss those with other participants. To exchange ideas for quality improvement and research projects. 

  • Up-to-date knowledge on a wide range of aspects related to muscle diseases, typically linked to active discussion of clinical cases and two expert lectures
  • Active participation in the discussions encourages application of knowledge and principles of diagnosing and managing muscle diseases
  • Many of the attendees choose to present / share cases themselves, which have important learning points or which are difficult and the multidisciplinary audience discussion can be very helpful in those. Regular attendees typically feed back on cases, which were discussed in the past, particularly, if a firm diagnosis has been made.
  • Attendees will be able to consolidate or increase their national / international network of professionals also interested in muscle diseases.

Please email directly to book onto this event.