BBTS 2019 is a key date in the transfusion professionals' diary/calendar. This year we have 6 key themes running through the 3 day programme and we will be specifically covering Blood Donation (including donor safety). Components, donation testing and safety, tissues, cells and cellular therapies. Diagnostic Science and Technology. Education and Training. Patient Blood Management. Quality, Regulation and Governance (including patient safety)


Approximately 500 delegates will be able to pick up a range of skills and knowledge outlined in the summary above and below, this will be specific to their job roles and of use in their day to day work. This is delivered by a three day programme of 30 sessions, talks and workshops delivered by more than 100 speakers. A programme summary can be seen by following the link above to our website. This conference has previously been awarded 18 cpd points each year.


All professionals working or with an interest in Blood Transfusion, this will include: 

  • Consultants (Anaesthetic, Haemostasis, Transfusion for Haemoglobinopathies, Microbiology, Donor Medicine and Haematology) 
  • Trainee Consultants 
  • Bio Medical Scientists 
  • Laboratory Managers 
  • Clinical Directors 
  • Doctors 
  • Trainers 
  • Operational Managers 
  • Component Scientists 
  • Chief Nurses 
  • Donor Nurses 
  • Blood Health Advisors

For more information, please email:

  • 09:00 - 18/09/2019 to 16:00 - 20/09/2019
  • Harrogate Convention Centre, Kings Road, Harrogate, HG1 5LA, United Kingdom (Great Britain)