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Join us for the Birmingham Breast Pathology Update Course (our 13th year!)

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Our annual multidisciplinary breast course will be done virtually for the first time! This is an exciting opportunity to learn from the experts in an interactive and interesting way. The course will provide an update on challenging breast lesions, latest guidelines, educational MDT scenarios, Questions and Answers and slide seminar.

Confirmed speakers: Dr Elena Provenzano (Cambridge), Prof Emad Rakha (Nottingham), Prof Daniel Rea (Birmingham), Prof Sarah Pinder (London), Dr Nisha Sharma (Leeds), Dr Abeer Shaaban (Birmingham), Mr Andy Dodson, Miss Vidya Raghavan and Mr Naren Basu.

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Please note none of the sponsors have had any input or influence on the programme or speaker choices for this meeting.


  • 10.30 Welcome

Session 1: Moderator Prof Cecily Quinn

  • 10:35 Immunotherapy in breast cancer and PDL-1 testing: Oncological prospective and what pathologists  should consider for tumour testing. Prof Dan Rea, Dr Abeer Shaaban; Mr Andy Dobson
  • 11:00 Oncotype Dx testing on core biopsy : evidence and practical issues Prof Dan Rea
  • 11.10 Bridging endocrine therapy and histological assessment of neoadjuvant endocrine  response Dr Abeer Shaaban
  • 11.30 Break

Session 2: Moderators Dr Abeer Shaaban, Prof Cecily Quinn
What is new in the WHO (2019) and updated UK Pathology guidelines (pending):

  • 11.40 Approach to benign and malignant papillary lesions. Dr Elena Provenzano
  • 12.05 DCIS reporting and what is clear margin? Prof Sarah Pinder
  • 12.30 Redefining breast cancer subtypes: old and new entities. Prof Emad Rakha
  • 12.55 Reporting of neoadjuvant chemotherapy specimens, including imaging correlation, Dr Elena Provenzano
  • 13.20 Break

MDT scenarios to learn from, questions and answers (Chair Prof Sarah Pinder)

  • 14.00 Presentations: Dr Nisha Sharma, Miss Raghavan Vidya, Mr Naren Basu, Dr Abeer Shaaban, Panel: all speakers
  • 15.00 Slide seminar session & Q&A
  • 16.00 Close

Consultants: £60
Trainees: £30
Overseas delegates: £30


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This meeting will be held via Zoom. Details of the meeting with accompanied guidance will be sent to attendees before the meeting. We strongly suggest you download Zoom to your computer/laptop to make the most of the meeting, however if this is not possible just simply click on the link provided. To Find out more about Zoom and how it works please visit the website