The Breaking the Mould meeting focuses on the latest developments and experiences in the management of invasive fungal disease, an all-female faculty has been assembled from Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.


There will be six presentations focused on the challenges on managing invasive infections in particular, fungal infections. Followed by a panel discussion, which will summarise the day and give guidance on what practical steps can be taken to improve patient care. The first talk involves a case study which will focus on a rare mould which infected a patient during a holiday in China. The second talk will look at the use of genetic markers and the future role of immunotherapy in treating invasive fungal infections. The third talk will present new data highlighting a recently discovered mechanism through which antifungals inhibit and kill fungi. The fourth presentation will illustrate how St George's hospital managed a recent candida auris outbreak. The fifth talk will highlight the problems and frustrations of managing fungal infections from a Haematologists point of view. The final talk will give an insight in how to manage infections in extreme environments. At the end of the presentations there will be a panel discussion were guidance on what practical steps can be implemented to aid improvements in the management of fungal infections.


Clinicians from:

  • Microbiology/ Infectious Disease 
  • Adult & Paediatric Haematology 
  • ICU clinicians
  • Antibiotic Pharmacists


  • Dr Kirsty Dodgson Consultant Microbiologist, Manchester University Trust
  • Prof Rosemary Barnes Microbiology, Cardiff University
  • Prof Elaine Bignell, Manchester Innovation Centre
  • Dr Meaghan Cotter Consultant Microbiologist, St George's London
  • Prof Mhairia Copland Haematologist Gartnavel Hospital Glasgow
  • Dr Rachael Anderson Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Edinburgh

For more infortmation, please contact Ged Mann:

  • 09:45 - 03/10/2019 to 16:30 - 03/10/2019
  • The Manchester Innovation Centre, 48 Grafton Street, Manchester, M13 9XX, United Kingdom (Great Britain)