mRNA is an exciting new technology that holds great promise to improve prevention and treatment in many different disease areas. We want to connect our immunology community to this growing field, empowering you to generate ideas for your research, start conversations and seek new collaborations.


  • Our expert speakers will present their work in the following areas before the session opens up for a discussion with questions from the audience.
  • Overview of mRNA vaccines: a brief introduction to mRNA vaccines, how they differ from traditional vaccines and how they work to stimulate the immune system against cancer cells.
  • Advancements in cancer immunotherapy: focusing on the role of mRNA vaccines in harnessing the immune system to target and eliminate cancer cells, including discussion of personalised cancer vaccines.
  • Clinical outcomes: the latest data on patient responses to mRNA vaccination, an update on current clinical trials for mRNA in cancer and the ongoing challenges for translating mRNA vaccination strategies into clinical practice.
  • Patient impact: information about patients who have participated in mRNA vaccine trials or received mRNA-based cancer treatments and a discussion of the role of patient engagement in advancing cancer research and treatment options.


Clinicians, researchers and industry professionals with an interest in the clinical applications of mRNA technology in cancer treatment.


  • Dr Pippa Corrie, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Professor Robin Shattock, Imperial College London, UK

Professor Colin Dayan, Cardiff University, UK

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 11:00 - 24/04/2024 to 12:00 - 24/04/2024
  • Virtual event, United Kingdom