A three day Diagnostic Histopathology Symposium lead by Prof. Runjan Chetty in Wadham College Oxford.


  • An approach to granulomas in the Breast (Mo Dada, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby, UK)
  • Soft tissue interactive slide seminar (Kum Cooper, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US)
  • Diagnosing SSLs: what are the issues that still plague us? (Adam Booth, Northwestern University, Chicago, US)
  • What you need to know about IgG4 disease (Vikram Deshpande, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University, Boston, US)
  • Controversial issues in Appendix pathology (Monika Vyas, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital/Harvard University, Boston, US)
  • Pitfalls in biopsy assessment for IBD (Adam Booth)
  • GI polyp assessment conundrums (Monika Vyas)
  • Tricky cases I have encountered and learned from (Kaushik Dasgupta, North Tees and Hartlepool Hospital, Stockton-on-Tees, UK)
  • Superficial dermal mesenchymal tumours (Kaushik Dasgupta)
  • An approach and pitfalls to prostate biopsy interpretation (Theo van der Kwast, University Health Network/University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)
  • The use of AI in prostate cancer (Jenny Fitzgerald, Director of Research and Clinical Operations, Diagnexia)
  • Renal cell carcinoma: a practical guide (Theo van der Kwast)
  • Not every tumour in the Breast is a primary (Mo Dada)
  • Integration of AI into routine clinical practice: real world scenarios (Donal O'Shea)
  • Head and Neck interactive slide seminar (Kum Cooper)
  • GI path interactive slide seminar (Vikram Deshpande)
  • An update on Endometrial Pathology (Gareth Bryson, Queen Elizabeth Hospital/University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Endometrial stromal tumours: morphology and molecular events (Hamid Kazerouni, Juravinski Cancer Center/McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada)
  • A rational approach to immunohistochemistry and molecular Diagnostics in Ovarian cancer (Gareth Bryson)


  • Pathologists
  • Trainees


  • Runjan Chetty
  • Vikram Deshpande
  • Adam Booth
  • Kaushik Dasgupta
  • Theo van der Kwast

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 15:45 - 19/08/2022 to 13:30 - 21/08/2022
  • Wadham College, Parks Road, , Oxford, OX1 3PN, United Kingdom