Helwan Medical School organizes a virtual celebration of the International Pathology Day 2021 through spreading the knowledge & changing experiences about using technology in Pathology diagnostics & teaching/learning. The event is free to attend.


We prepared 2 sessions to cover the theme of the day.

The first one focus is on the role of technology in improving pathology diagnostics. It includes 2 talks from eminent speakers in the field. The first talk explains possible opportunities that artificial intelligence offers from which pathologists can select what is appropriate for their work. The 2nd talk tells the story of digital pathology progress in Egypt to guide other pathologists to implement the experience in their institutions.

The second session focus on enhancing teaching/learning of pathology through using technology to improve the students’ learning experience. It includes a talk from an eminent speaker in the field of medical education about using technology to design effective learning. The second talk tells the story of Helwan Medical School's successful experience in using technology to enhance students’ learning of pathology during the COVID-19 era.


  • Histopathologists, Surgical Pathologists, Anatomic Pathologists
  • Medical Educators
  • Researchers & technology specialists who are willing to combine pathology with technology to boost the pathology outcomes


  • Prof Ahmed M El-Garhy
  • Prof Essam E Ayad
  • Pof John E Sandars
  • Dr Fatma Alzahraa A Elkhamisy

For more information, please contact: dr.fatma.salam@med.helwan.edu.eg

  • 16:00 - 11/11/2021 to 21:00 - 11/11/2021
  • Egypt