This meeting provides a comprehensive update in the diagnosis, treatment and management of lymphoid malignancies.


This meeting will consist of lectures by UK and international expert speakers on lymphoid malignancies, as well as interactive case based MDM discussion sessions.


  • Consultant Histopathologists
  • Consultant Haematologists 
  • Consultant Radiologists 
  • Specialist Trainees 
  • Senior Haematology Nurses


  • Dr Bhuey Sharma (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Sunil Iyengar (Royal Marsden)
  • Dr Jessica Okesun (Barts Cancer Centre) 
  • Dr Dima El-Sharkawri (Royal Marsden) 
  • Prof George Mikhaeel (GSST)
  • Dr Attygalle (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Amit Sud (St George's, London) 
  • Dr Steven Horwitz (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre) 
  • Dr Andy Wotherspoon (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Messiou (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Cathy Burton (SIHMDS, Leeds) 
  • Dr Emma Nicholson (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Edward Nganga (Nairobi, Kenya) 
  • Dr Clare Dearden (Royal Marsden) 
  • Dr Tunariu (Royal Marsden)

For more information, please contact Helen Mee:

  • 09:30 - 10/09/2019 to 17:00 - 11/09/2019
  • Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre, Stewarts Grove, London, SW3 6JJ, United Kingdom (Great Britain)