This symposium is aimed at RCPath fellows, members, trainees and others interested in the range of pathology specialties in Northern Ireland. Delegates will hear presentations about upcoming themes in the field of pathology and share some of the great developments happening in Northern Ireland. They will hear from the President Professor Jo Martin and find out what the College does in Northern Ireland. Trainees will have the opportunity to meet with the President and discuss any relevant matters.

This is a Free event, but we do require formal registration. The symposium will be taking place in the morning between 9am-1pm.

If you have any questions please email us or call us on 020 7451 6766.




Meeting opens
Professor Ken Mills, Chair of the Northern Ireland Regional Council
Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer


Embedding Pathology in the medical curriculum
Dr Joe Houghton / Dr Neil Kennedy, Queen's University Belfast


The impact of molecular analysis for treatment options in chronic lymphoid leukaemia
Dr Mark Catherwood, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust


Enterovirus D68, Should we be worried?
Dr Susan Feeney, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust


Prevention is better than cure!
Dr Kathryn Ryan, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

11.05 Coffee break

Molecular Pathology Research
Dr Barry McGinn, Trainee presentation


Keynote on 'Beyond 100,000 Genomes'
Dr Shane McKee, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust


College Presidential address
Professor Jo Martin, President of the Royal College of Pathologists


To be held in the foyer of the Postgraduate Centre

14.00 - 15.00 Trainee Forum
Meeting with the President in the Medical Biology Centre LT2



Event to be held at the Postgraduate Medical Centre, Belfast City Hospital, 51 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7AB