Professor Simon Herrington will give a talk on Molecular stratification of ovarian carcinomas.


Abstract: Ovarian carcinoma is classified into 5 main histological types: high-grade serous carcinoma, low-grade serous carcinoma, endometrioid carcinoma, clear cell carcinoma and mucinous carcinoma. These tumour types have distinct molecular profiles, related both to tissue of origin and to the molecular pathways involved in tumorigenesis. The improved definition of these histotypes allows more robust investigation of potential stratifiers and is guiding the development of biomarkers of response and survival. For example, BRCA mutation is associated with good treatment response, including to PARP inhibitors, and survival in high grade serous carcinoma, whilst CCNE1 gene amplification associates with poor outcome. In endometrioid carcinoma, TP53 and CTNNB1 mutation are associated with poor and good outcome respectively. Further investigation and refinement of molecular classifiers in all of the ovarian carcinoma histotypes is extending their subclassification to inform patient management.


Pathologists - all levels.


Prof Simon Herrington, Professor of Molecular Cancer Pathology at the University of Edinburgh and consultant gynaecological pathologist.

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  • 09:00 - 15/11/2023 to 10:00 - 15/11/2023
  • Virtual event, United Kingdom