Professor Sir John Burn will give a lecture entitled "Lynch syndrome: Tumour Screening and Urogenital Surveillance".


  • The talk will be about: Lynch syndrome affects 1 in 300 people. Most are unrecognised. NICE requires all CRCs be screened for MMR defects. The Newcastle MSI-Plus assay tests Microsatellite Instability, BRAF V600E and driver Ras mutations at low cost and high volume. A small technologist led team issues CRC reports for our region within 7 days of receipt of three biopsy block curls. Our region has discontinued screening Immunohistochemistry. This has halved the cost to the NHS.
  • MSI- Plus is sensitive to 0.125ng DNA concentration so tumour content analysis unnecessary. Robotic processing will soon allow expansion to cover all solid tumours. The assay is more accurate than IHC in endometrial cancer. The tissue agnostic markers allow targeting of immunotherapy in any cancer type.
  • We have piloted use for surveillance for urogenital cancers using postal urine samples. 83 MSH2 LS carriers gave 6 positives; one was a query false positive. The lady had a low positive that resolved spontaneously. One male with bladder cancer had been diagnosed before reaching the clinic. He had persistent MSI high urine and was shown to have residual cancer. The other 4 our had cancers in their urinary tract. One had a ureteric cancer successfully treated endoscopically. National roll-out is being planned.


Pathologists of all levels


Professor Sir John Burn will be giving a lecture

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  • 09:00 - 17/04/2024 to 10:00 - 17/04/2024
  • Virtual event, United Kingdom