The concept of this Module is to provide to you through lectures, seminars and practical demonstrations, both in the classroom, the mortuary and the scanning facility, the core practical skills for body preparation and imaging which are required for the running of a post mortem radiology service.


  • Discuss and debate the processes and issues (including managing change) in running a Post Mortem Radiology service
  • Explain and appreciate the importance of Post Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) protocols
  • Recognise and understand the theoretical and practical aspects of PMCT using lung ventilation, guided biopsy and angiography
  • Be shown the practical aspects of reporting PMCT findings
  • Continue to build upon Module 1’s workstation experience


  •  Trainees
  • Consultant pathologists and radiologist
  • Radiographers
  • Odontologists
  • APT’s
  • Anthropologists


  • Professor G Rutty, forensic pathologist
  • Associate professor F Hollingbury, forensic pathologist
  • Associate professor M Biggs, forensic pathologist
  • Professor Sarah Hainsworth, forensic engineer
  • Professor B Morgan, radiologist
  • Ms C Robinson, forensic radiographer

For residential CPD courses only, please contact Sean Gilespie:

  • 11:00 - 30/09/2019 to 13:00 - 04/10/2019
  • Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building, Leicester Royal infirmary, Leicester, LE2 7LG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)