The College’s Regional Representatives on the College Council have introduced new and innovative ways to hear from members and understand the views across the region that they represent.

This is a members-only regional surgery.

Dr Ali Robb, Regional Representative (North of England), is organising a members-only ‘surgery’, where all members in the North of England are invited to meet via a Microsoft Teams virtual session. The surgery will be held on Friday 19 May 2023 (12.30-2pm). This will be an open time for Dr Robb to meet with you and hear of your work, areas of concern and points of interest that you wish to raise. The surgery has been planned to be held in the time before College Council meets in order to present the region’s interests and concerns to this body. These surgeries are hopefully also an opportunity for you to meet via Teams with colleagues across your region.

Registration is now closed! If interested in attending please contact Jessica Zago via email at: [email protected]