The joint RCPath/BDIAP Foundation Taster Event 2022, is an exciting opportunity for you to explore pathology and see what the career has to offer! This virtual programme will be delivered with a mixture of specialty-specific sound bite videos from a variety of consultants and trainees (sent to attendees a few days before the meeting), followed by a live virtual session, which will take place in the evening and last approximately 1.5 hours. It is free to register.
Attendees will have the opportunity to explore:

  • what pathology actually is and why it is important
  • what the training involves
  • the variety of opportunities that are available for trainees to pursue e.g. teaching, molecular and digital pathology
  • advice about the application process and how to be successful at the interview
  • how to pursue academic and research opportunities in pathology.

For questions about this event please contact the Events Department on [email protected].  

Programme - 29th June 2022

The event will be broken into two parts;

1. pre meeting recordings for all delegates to watch of 5 x specialties.
2. event on evening 29th June (approximately 1.5 hours)

All delegates will be sent a link to watch the pre-meeting recordings in their own time before the virtual session from the following specialties; Histopathology, Microbiology/Infection training, Haematology, Chemical Pathology and Immunology.

Virtual Meeting Programme

19:00    Introduction: Professor Angharad Davies, Vice President for Learning, RCPath
19:05    Welcome from the President: Why is pathology such a great career? Professor Mike Osborn, President, RCPath
19:15    Foundation Doctor Opportunities: Dr Angharad Davies 
19:20    Foundation Fellow presentation 1– My experience in pathology
19:25    Foundation Fellow presentation 2– My experience in pathology
19:30    Mystery Case: Dr Matt Clarke, Trainee Advisory Committee
20:00    Panel Q&A: All speakers
20:30    Short presentation by BDIAP
20:40    Close



This meeting will be held via Zoom. Details of the meeting with accompanied guidance will be sent to attendees before the meeting. We strongly suggest you download Zoom to your computer/laptop to make the most of the meeting, however if this is not possible just simply click on the link provided. To Find out more about Zoom and how it works please visit the website.

Please note: If you experience any problems when connecting to your Zoom meeting, such as lagging or freezing, then this may indicate that there is an issue with your internet connection, or the device you are using. We suggest that you try to move to an area with a more stable connection and then re-join the meeting. We unfortunately will not be able to provide you with a refund or transfer you onto another event if you happen to encounter these problems on the day.