A two-day scientific conference for participants enrolled in Weqas EQA programmes. Targeted learning consisting of EQA interpretation, clinical cases and topical scientific lectures


The annual conference will include:

  • Awareness of the changes and additional functionality of the new Weqas EQA participant platform.
  • Understands how to navigate the website to use the self-service function; to manage EQA participation, manage operators, equipment and methods, enter results, download reports and undertake data extraction.
  • Awareness of the different types of reports and understand the statistical methods and information provided in these reports i.e. managerial, standard laboratory user, POCT co-ordinator and simplified (POCT) user reports.
  • Understands the analytical errors in laboratory diagnostics; how to identify systematic proportional, constant, mixed errors and errors of imprecision. Be able to select appropriate statistical tools to solve analytical problems.
  • Demonstrate competency to use problem solving tools to interpret reports, identify the errors and suggest remedial action through practical assessment in a case-based workshop.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on getting it right first time.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on pre-analytical and post-analytical errors in laboratory medicine.
  • Awareness of the changes to EQA oversight and performance surveillance system in the UK.


The event is for EQA programme participants.


  • Annette Thomas, Director of Weqas and Consultant Clinical Biochemist
  • Samantha Jones, Weqas Operations Manager, and Training Officer
  • Gareth Davies, Deputy Director of Weqas, Weqas Principal Biochemist, Research and Development Manager
  • Martin Myers, Consultant Clinical Biochemist
  • Dr Sean Costelloe, Consultant Clinical Biochemist, CUH
  • Mike Hallworth, Consultant Clinical Biochemist
  • Rev Dr Gordon Sinclair, Consultant Clinical Biochemist
  • Patrick Twomey, Clinical Biochemist

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 10:00 - 06/12/2022 to 16:15 - 07/12/2022
  • Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, Hounslow, London, TW6 3AF, United Kingdom