The conference this year will focus on Point of care testing and the future of diagnostics, with a blend of “how to” workshops and scientific sessions on “innovation and clinical pathway redesign,” we hope you can join us for some exciting discussions.


  • Awareness of the changes and additional functionality of the new Weqas EQA participant platform.
  • Understands how to navigate the website to use the self-service function; to manage EQA participation, manage operators, equipment and methods, enter results, download reports and undertake data extraction.
  • Awareness of the different types of reports and understand the statistical methods and information provided in these reports i.e. managerial, standard laboratory user, POCT co-ordinator and simplified (POCT) user reports.
  • Understands the analytical errors in laboratory diagnostics; how to identify systematic proportional, constant, mixed errors and errors of imprecision. Be able to select appropriate statistical tools to solve analytical problems.
  • Demonstrate competency to use problem solving tools to interpret reports, identify the errors and suggest remedial action through practical assessment in a case-based workshop.
  • Demonstrate the importance of National POCT strategies.
  • Awareness of establishing POCT services for the best patient outcomes.
  • Understands the regulatory changes for ISO 15189.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on CRP in COPD management.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on Clinical applications of POCT hs-cTn testing.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on POCT applications in genetic testing.
  • Understands the scientific / clinical judgement on Viscoelastic Haemostasis.
  • Awareness of the implementation and impact of risk management.
  • Awareness of the changes to digital to improve performance surveillance systems in the UK.


The event is an education and training opportunity for EQA participants. These can be laboratory based or Point of Care testing teams.


  • Annette Thomas, Weqas Director
  • Gareth Davies, Weqas Deputy Director
  • Samantha Jones, Weqas Operations Manager
  • Nicola Blount, Weqas EQA Client Manager
  • Daniel Boyland, Senior UKAS Academy Training Manager, UKAS

Representatives from the Wales National POCT Strategy Board

  • Jonathan Harris, Senior Manager, Point of Care Testing & Quality, Cleveland Clinic
  • Richard Body, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Honorary Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Sian Morgan, Head of Laboratory All Wales Genetics Laboratory, Cardiff and Vale UHB

IVD Manufacturer industry representatives

  • Dr Sarah Bell, Anaesthetics Consultant, Cardiff and Vale UHB
  • Dr Simon Barry, Lead, National Respiratory Health Implementation group Wales, Cardiff and Vale UHB

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 09:00 - 12/12/2023 to 17:00 - 13/12/2023
  • Hilton Cardiff, Kingsway, Greyfriars Road, , Cardiff, CF10 3HH, United Kingdom