Replay most talks, lunchtime activities and the roundtable discussion from the virtual event hosted by the College on the 10 November 2021, in association with our sponsor Sonic Healthcare UK and partner the British Society for Haematology (BSH). The theme was digital pathology and aspects of AI  a worlds-eye view.

The lancet commission on diagnostics

This talk discusses the findings of The Lancet Commission on Diagnostics. This major work of a global multidisciplinary team of twenty-five commissioners from sixteen countries were commissioned to examine the shared challenges of pathology and laboratory medicine (PALM) and digital imaging (DI) services.

Practicing ‘deep medicine’ in ‘smart hospitals,

Starting at the title of this talk Dr Tbakhi, gets us in deep in thought, about how ways of working and the environment in which a healthcare professional will operate in years to come is likely to be.

AI for Pathology

Professor Nasir Rajpoot Professor of Computational Pathology at the Computer Science department of the University of Warwick presents the work of his PHD students, which is an intriguing exploration, into how with an increasing number of NHS pathology labs being digitised in the UK, there is an explosion in the amount of pathology image data with linked clinical outcomes.

The roundtable "Can digital pathology break down international borders?"

The roundtable panel discuss the need to leverage the power of digital pathology to establish practical solutions that will positively impact global health for everyone.

One-episode podcast style interview with Associate Professor Clare Verrill and guest Dr Yuchun Ding, founder of X-WOW

Associate Professor Clare Verrill and guest Dr Yuchun Ding, founder of X-WOW, discuss how X-WOW began its mission, the importance of education and raising public awareness about the essential role of pathology in healthcare services.

Demonstration of the College’s upcoming Pathology Portal

Professor Jo Martin shows how technology will be used to enhance learning and how the platform aims to incorporate the ability to host and view whole slide imaging (WSI) over the world wide web (virtual microscopy) to enable pathology tissue samples to be annotated and viewed as part of learning sets, mapped to the relevant curricula of the College, and hosted and maintained within the system.