About International

The College’s International Department is responsible for developing, coordinating and managing the international activities and affairs of the College:

  • Pathology is Global - the College's international strategy
  • Working with a network of International Advisors who act as the College official representatives and provide the lead on the College engagement within their respective regions
  • Supporting the work and decision-making of the International Committee, which has oversight of all the College international activities and is responsible for providing strategic advice to the College Council and its Honorary Officers on all international-related matters
  • Developing and implementing strategies to engage the College UK and international members on global health issues
  • Raising the profile and influence of the College internationally
  • Coordinating the efforts of College members and other professionals in pathology in the UK who wish to collaborate with colleagues overseas to create sustainable development
  • Establishing international development and exchange programmes between the UK and overseas
  • Fostering international strategic partnerships, collaborations and alliances
  • Promoting the College expertise, standards, qualifications and examinations
  • Advocating for quality laboratory medicine training, research and services around the world