Forensic Pathology SAC

Forensic pathology is the specialty in which doctors examine people who have died, usually when there is concern that the cause of death was unnatural. Although this is a branch of pathology that many people have heard of via the media, it is one of the smallest specialties.

Chair: Dr Nigel Cooper

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Careers in forensic pathology

Looking to find out more about a career in forensic pathology? The links below will give you more information about this specialty, including interviews with pathologists in this field.

  • Become a forensic pathologist

    Forensic pathology is perhaps one of the most well-known pathology specialties – it’s also one of the smallest. Forensic pathologists provide vital expertise in cases where a person has died in suspicious circumstances. 

Career case studies

  • Dr Stuart John Hamilton, Forensic Pathologist

    There simply isn’t such a thing as a typical day; it can range from standing in a ditch collecting maggots to standing in Crown Court giving expert evidence. Sometimes both on the same day!