The role of the College

 The College campaigned for the implementation of a medical examiner service, and continues to play a key role in influencing government’s work around implementation of the service. 

The College is the lead medical royal college for medical examiners and plays a key role in the training of medical examiners and medical examiner officers, as well as working closely with the National Medical Examiner on implementation of the service.

Medical Examiners Committee

The Medical Examiners Committee was established as a result of the College being recognised as lead royal medical college for medical examiners. It includes representatives of a wide range of stakeholders, including other medical royal colleges, the Department of Health and Social Care and Welsh Government. 

The College has delegated to the Medical Examiners Committee matters such as provision of guidance for the College’s work (as the lead royal college) on medical examiners, including to review and facilitate the delivery of an appropriate system of training, CPD and assessment.

Chair: Dr Golda Shelley-Fraser 

Committee Members

  • Dr Alan Fletcher - National Medical Examiner and Implementation Board representative
  • Dr Amanda Evans - Medical Examiner
  • Ms Daisy Shale - Medical Examiner Officer
  • Ms Natalie Harris - Welsh Government representative
  • Ms Jane Crossley - The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) representative
  • Dr Jason Shannon - Wales representative
  • Ms Gillian Mawdsley - Lay Adviser
  • Mr Geoffrey Sullivan - Coroners' Society of England and Wales
  • Dr Frances Cranfield - The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) representative
  • Dr Suzy Lishman CBE - Senior Advisor
  • Prof Carol Seymour - The Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) representative