Patient safety awareness campaign resources


PSAW 2022

A webinar on the impact, challenges, and effects of antimicrobial resistance within pathology specialties on patient safety as part of World Antimicrobial Resistance Week with expert panel from various specialties and external organisations.

PSAW 2020

Watch our videos with trainees discussing error scenarios and discover how we can foster a positive culture of learning from those mistakes.  

 Video 1 – Patient Safety Scenario: Cellular Pathology

Video 2 – Patient Safety Scenario: Molecular Pathology and Genomics

 Video 3 – Patient Safety Scenario: Medicinal Microbiology





PSAW 2021

Find out how patient safety depends on pathologists and laboratories in our infographic by Professor Peter Johnston, made in occasion of Patient Safety Awareness week 2021.

Patient Safety flowchart _ Peter Johnston1024_1.jpg


PSAW 2020

PSAW 2021

In this article, Dr Gareth McKeeman explains how his role in producing resources for Patient Safety Awareness Week 2020 developed into a wider-reaching project to improve communication between patients and pathologists and the experience of patients. Dr McKeeman highlights how patient experience is integral to patient safety.



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