Patient safety and CQI resources

  • Patient safety awareness campaign resources

    Find out more about our patient safety resources and learn about the importance of fostering a positive learning culture when it comes to patient safety.

  • Patient safety bulletins

    Our patient safety bulletins are designed to help members learn from events in other organisations in a quick and simple way to help keep patients safe. They bring together themes across specialties and services.

  • College Resources for cqi and Patient Safety Awareness

    The College has created a bank of resources to aid continuous quality improvement, including video webinars and podcasts.

  • Choosing Wisely initiative

    Choosing Wisely is a global initiative that seeks to encourage both doctors and patients to have a conversation about the value of treatments.

  • A3 problem solving tools

    A3 problem solving is a tool that is used for reporting problems, improvements and changes in continuous quality improvement initiatives.

  • External resources for quality improvement

    Find guides and e-learning tools to build your knowledge and skills around quality improvement that have been collected from various healthcare bodies and organisations.