Annual reports

“Welcome to this year’s annual report. It has been a busy and productive year for the College and this report will give you a sense of what we have achieved for you as well as our future direction.” 

Mike Osborn Jan 2021.jpg
Professor Mike Osborn Past President, 2020–2023

Our annual reports showcase what we have achieved for our members over the past year. We take a look at our activities in and outside of the UK, explore our efforts to engage and influence both the public and key political stakeholders, and spotlight service excellence.  

The patient case studies highlight the difference pathologists make to the lives of patients and our stories show how the work of the College supports pathologists in their work. 

The accounts are listed on the right of the page. 

  • Annual report 2022–2023

    The 2022−2023 annual report reflects on the achievements of the College and our members over the past year.

 The following are PDF copies of our annual report.