Annual reports

Hello and welcome to our annual report for 2020−2021. This report gives an insight into the activities of the College and our members over the last 12 months. Although no such report can ever hope to cover the whole range of exciting and important work that College members and staff have been involved in, it can provide an overview … of the huge selection of activities that pathologists are responsible for and are vital to.

Mike Osborn Jan 2021.jpg
Professor Mike Osborn President

Our annual reports showcase the important projects and initiatives the College has supported over the past year. We take a look at our activities in and outside of the UK, explore our efforts to engage and influence both the public and key political stakeholders and meet an array of award-winning members. 

The patient case studies highlight the difference pathologists make to the lives of patients, whether it is diagnosing rare diseases or using their expertise to provide bereaved families with answers.

Please click on the cover images below to download the Annual Report of your choice. The accounts are listed on the right of the page.