Annual report 2018–2019

This annual report, by its very nature, cannot capture all the amazing things that happened in 2018–2019, but it gives a super overview. I would like to pay tribute to all those, all over the world, doing superb work for the College, supporting our profession.

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Professor Jo Martin Project Lead, Pathology Portal


Our annual report 2018–2019 is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and key successes of the College and our members over the past year. 

The College recognises this wonderful contribution through its awards, which you can read about in this annual report. The patient case studies highlight the difference pathologists make to the lives of patients, whether it is diagnosing rare diseases or using their expertise to provide bereaved families with answers.

Download our annual report 2018-2019

Incredible stories

The stories included in our annual report give a unique view of the role of pathology in treating and diagnosing disease, featuring interviews with the patients themselves and the team involved in their care.