The Bulletin is the College's quarterly professional membership magazine. We cater for the interests of our diverse readership, provoking discussion and comment on topics that range across the 17 specialties of pathology.

Our latest issue of the Bulletin is now available. Its new digital format will give you greater flexibility in how you access the Bulletin and its related content. 

The July Bulletin is a special issue, largely focusing on the work of pathologists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our members and the wider pathology community have been extraordinary, and this issue highlights the level of involvement of pathologists and clinical scientists during different phases of the pandemic, from setting up pathology services at the Nightingale Hospital in unprecedented timescales to caring for the bereaved

The College’s Regional Council Chairs provide an insight into the different approaches of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in tackling COVID-19 and the challenges they have faced. Further afield, our international colleagues in Australia and Malaysia describe how the pandemic has required significant changes to the way their laboratory and blood donation services are run. 

As routine healthcare services resume, the significant backlog will further stretch the pathology workforce. Recent surveys on the haematology workforce identified the unique challenges this specialty is facing, and this is discussed further, from both a medical and scientific perspective, in this issue of the Bulletin

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