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 From the Editor

A photograph of Professor Angharad Davies, editor of the Bulletin on a plain background

Those of us whose default outdoor garment has become a heavy raincoat may not have been surprised to read the UK Met Office’s recently published data, showing that England and Wales have just experienced the wettest 12 months since 1766. It is a tangible and very worrying sign of our changing climate. Accordingly, our theme in this Bulletin issue is climate and the environment.

From the Editor – April 2024


 From the President

Photograph of Dr Bernie Croal who is President of the College (2023-)

Climate change is real and is having an increasingly significant impact on temperature, weather systems and climactic events. This, in turn, can impact health, both directly in respiratory disease or heat related illness and indirectly by affecting crop yields and water availability, which can significantly affect health, disease prevalence and outcomes.

From the President – April 2024


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