Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees (LEPT) system

The Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees (LEPT) system is primarily for medical trainees in chemical pathology (including metabolic medicine), histopathology (including subspecialty trainees in cytopathology), forensic pathology, diagnostic neuropathology, paediatric and perinatal pathology and also oral and maxillofacial pathology.

The LEPT system is also available to trainees in the above medical specialties who are participating in the International Trainee Support Scheme (ITSS) and the Medical Training Initiative in Pathology - MTI(Path) and to doctors preparing an application for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR).

The LEPT system is an ePortfolio which is designed to capture trainees' progress during training. It records workplace-based assessments including multi-source feedback (MSF) and a functionality to support the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process. The ePortfolio also provides the Educational Supervisor Structured Report (ESSR) which gives a snapshot of a year's training which is used to inform the ARCP.

It is for Specialty Registrars (StRs) appointed to one of the following:

  1. A specialty training programme with a National Training Number (NTN)
  2. A locum appointment for training (LAT)

Medical microbiology and medical virology trainees are required to use the JRCPTB ePortfolio.

Changes to the LEPT system

In line with new curricula for chemical pathology and the cellular pathology specialties, published in August 2021, a new LEPT platform has been developed to support the new curricula. This includes new workplace-based assessments (Supervised Learning Events) and additional functionality to support the ARCP process, including a built-in ARCP outcome form. From August 2021, two versions of the LEPT platform will be available as follows:

  • All trainees who started their training in August 2021 will be given access to the new LEPT platform.
  • Trainees who were already in training in August 2021 should remain on the old platform until such time as they are asked to transfer to the new curriculum (from Spring 2022). Further guidance about this will be provided by the College nearer the time.

Trainees who are due to complete their training by 31 July 2022 will not be required to transfer to the new curriculum or use the new LEPT platform.

Demonstration of the LEPT System... Deaneries/LETBs are reminded that face-to-face or remotely-held demonstration of the LEPT system can be arranged. For further information or to make arrangements for a demonstration, please contact the Assessment Team via email at: [email protected].