College Calendar

See what's happening at The Royal College of Pathologists over the coming months, including Committee and panel meetings, key governance dates and annual celebrations.   



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February 2019
Tuesday 26th 2.00pm Cytopathology SAC
Wednesday 27th 2.00pm Prenatal, Perinatal and Paediatric Pathology SAC
March 2019
Monday 4th 11.00am NQAAP in Genetics
Wednesday 6th 1.00pm England Regional Council
Thursday 7th 10.30am Professional Performance Panel
  11.30am Trustee Board
Wednesday 13th 10.30am Joint Committee on Genomics in Medicine
Thursday 14th 10.30am Histopathology CSTC
  11.00am Trainees Advisory Committee
Monday 18th 2.00pm Dermatopathology SAC
Wednesday 20th 2:00pm Medical Examiners Committee
April 2019
Wednesday 3rd 10.30am NQAAP in Cellular Pathology
Tuesday 9th 2.00pm Toxicology SAC
Wednesday 10th 10.30am Transfusion Medicine SAC
Thursday 11th 10.30am Chemical Pathology CSTC
  2.00pm Intercollegiate Committee on Haematology
Wednesday 17th 2.00pm Cellular Pathology SAC
Tuesday 23rd 2.00pm Forensic Pathology SAC
Wednesday 24th 10.00am BNS Committee Meeting
  10.30am Medical Examiners Committee
  2.00pm Neuropathology SAC
May 2019
Thursday 2nd 10.00am Death Investigations Group
  11:00am College Council
Wednesday 8th 2.00pm Pathology Informatics Group
Thursday 9th 10.30am Professional Performance Panel
Tuesday 14th 2.00pm Medical Virology SAC
Wednesday 15th 9.00am International Committee
Thursday 23rd 10.30am Examinations Committee
Friday 17th  All-day Trustee Board
Tuesday 21st May 12.00n Immunology SAC
Tuesday 28th 10.30am Clinical Biochemistry SAC
June 2019
Wednesday 5th 2.00pm Medical Examiners Committee
Thursday 6th 11.00am Clinical Science Committee
Wednesday 12th 12.30pm NQAAP in Medical Microbiology
  7.30pm College Annual Dinner
Thursday 13th 11.00am Working Group on Cancer Services
  1.00pm RCPath All Staff Meeting
Thursday 20th 2.00am Lay Governance Group
Wednesday 26th 10.30am Research Committee
July 2019
Tuesday 2nd 2.00pm Joint Committee on Genomics in Medicine
Thursday 25th 10.30am Professional Performance Panel
  11.30am Trustee Board
August 2019
Thursday 1st 11:00am College Council
Thursday 15th 09.00am Undergraduate Pathology Summer School (Day 1)
Friday 16th  09.00am Undergraduate Pathology Summer School (Day 2)
September 2019
Monday 2nd 10.30am Transfusion Medicine SAC
Tuesday 3rd 10.30am Medical Examiners Committee
Monday 9th 2.00pm Prenatal/Perinatal/Paediatric Pathology SAC
Wednesday 11th 1.00pm Veterinary Pathology SAC
Monday 16th 10.30am Research Committee
Tuesday 17th 12.30pm Retired Fellows Lunch
Wednesday 18th 1.00pm Quality Assurance Management Group
Thursday 19th 10.30am Chemical Pathology CSTC
Monday 23rd 2.00pm Forensic Pathology SAC
October 2019    
Tuesday 1st 2.00pm Medical Examiners Committee
Thursday 3rd 10:30am Professional Performance Panel
  11:30am Trustee Board
  10.30am Histopathology CSTC
  5.30pm New Fellows Admission Ceremony & Buffet
Wednesday 9th 10.00am Neuropathology SAC and BNS Committee Meeting
Thursday 10th 2.00pm Pathology Informatics Group
Friday 11th 11.00am NQAAP in Genetics
Tuesday 15th 11.00am Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics SAC
Wednesday 16th 1.00pm England Regional Council
Tuesday 22nd 10.30am EQA Scheme Organisers Meeting (AM) & NQAAP in Cellular Pathology (PM)
Thursday 24th 2.00pm Lay Governance Group
Friday 25th 2.00pm Cytopathology SAC
Tuesday 29th 11.00am Toxicology SAC
November 2019    
Friday 1st 10.30am Medical Microbiology SAC
  TBC Medical Virology SAC
Wednesday 6th 10.00am Annual meeting of Cellular Pathology Subspecialty Advisors
  1.30pm Cellular Pathology SAC 
Thursday 7th 11.00am Working Group on Cancer Services
  11.00am College Council & Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  12.30pm NQAAP in Medical Microbiology
Monday 11th 10.30am International Regional Advisors Forum
Tuesday 12th 9.00am International Committee
  2.00pm Dermatopathology SAC
Wednesday 13th 11.00am Joint Working Group for Quality Assessment
Thursday 14th 10.00am Death Investigations Group
Monday 18th 11.00am Genetics & Reproductive Science SAC
Tuesday 19th 10.30am Clinical Biochemistry SAC
  2.00pm Joint Committee on Genomics in Medicine
Thursday 21st 10.30am Trainee Advisory Committee
Thursday 28th 11.00am Clinical Science SAC
December 2019    
Thursday 12th 10.30am Trustee Board
  1.00pm RCPath Staff Christmas Lunch