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Katherine Barnes (2017 winner)

Last year's winner

By registering an event for National Pathology Week 2017, Katherine Barnes won £100 in our event registration prize draw. Katherine is the Academic Officer for Oxford Brookes Biomedical Science Society. The society held an open event at the university where students, who ranged from first to fourth years could come and find out about the range of career opportunities available within the discipline of pathology.

It was very encouraging to note the number of people that originally believed pathology to be of little interest to them but went away from the session with a greater understanding of what pathology is and its relevance to them, with a number now considering a career in the field. 

Katherine said "the event worked well due to the relaxed atmosphere, with the ability for students to freely ask questions and take away information from the open event". 

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Next registration deadline and criteria

  • Your event should take place during National Pathology Week (5-11 November 2018), or at least within a week or so either side of these dates
  • You will need to register your event using the registration form by Sunday 11 November 2018.

Make sure you have a look at the resources that are available on our website to help support your event. A few are mentioned below.