For event organisers

The event organiser section has a wealth of resources to help you plan and deliver your event. It includes advice and guidance on marketing, posters and factsheets to hand out and tips for perfect pathology presentations.

How to plan an event

What are your aims?

Who will you target?

What will you do?

Where will it take place?

What about publicity?

How to publicise your event

Inviting the media to your event

Working with the Media

Was it be successful?

There are three particularly important areas to consider when organising your event: 

Promoting your event 

Organisers can register public engagement events on the website by completing the event registration form. Why not contact your trust Communications team to coordinate local and social media interest? Use posters and flyers to advertise your event and promotional materials to attract and reward your audience.

Those organising an event as part of National Pathology Week can use the NPW poster and College logo to promote the event. Please email for the logo. 

Evaluating your event

Evaluation is an important part of your event, as without it you have no idea what effect your event has had on the audience, as well as on you. Please read our guidelines for evaluation before you decide on an evaluation strategy. We have questionnaires for different audience types below or you can use other methods in the guidance document such as voting or a visitors’ book if that is more appropriate to your event. 

We would like to know how your event went. Once your event is complete you can report back about your event by completing our online reporting form.

If you are organising multiple events for National Pathology Week you can provide feedback using our reporting form for multiple events.

Recording your event

The College Bulletin features public engagement events throughout the year. Please follow the guidelines for submitting a report. High resolution images are essential to making your report stand out so please take some photographs if possible.