Living Autopsy

As part of the College's 60th anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) celebrations, we will be holding a number of Living Autopsy events across the UK. Find out about all the events and how you can get involved here

The ‘Living Autopsy’ videos and accompanying event materials offer inspiration and step-by-step guidance for pathologists, science event organisers and others on how to run a Living Autopsy lecture for public audiences. Watch the welcome video for more information.

How to run a Living Autopsy event

The set of video resources below provides all of the information you need on how to run your very own Living Autopsy, with ideas on how to tailor it to your audience, promote it and other helpful tips. The downloadable resource pack covers the most important steps and considerations for organisers of this event, and the PowerPoint slides that can be shown during the lecture are also a free resource to support event delivery.

The full set of videos in this playlist include:

Share our resources with schools and universities

As well as providing a resource for public event organisers, the resources also include videos that can be used in schools and universities to support with formal learning, and with ideas for careers. Included in the set of videos is a full recording of a Living Autopsy event presented by the creator of this event, Dr Suzy Lishman along with FAQs about autopsies.

Check out Dr Lishman's live 2022 tour here: Autopsies: past, present and future

Finally, don't forget these important pages before planning your event.