Organs resource

A simple way to run an activity with school groups.

Many pathology-related public engagement events, particularly those aimed at school students, involve discussion of the location and function of the major organs. We have therefore developed a downloadable resource that can be used for a variety of events with a wide range of audiences throughout the year.

Two sets of organ illustrations are available to download, both as close to adult life-size as possible. One set is coloured and ready to use, the other is a black-and-white outline, giving students the opportunity to colour or decorate the organs themselves. You can also download instructions on how to run the activity in a variety of ways.

In addition to the organ images, there is a table of normal organ weights and everyday comparisons – for example an average lung weighs 400g, the same as a can of baked beans. There is also a short handout with a brief description of the function of each organ.

We hope you enjoy using this resource!