Pathology For Life

A resource pack of easy-to-run activities that explore how pathologists help to keep us healthy, from cradle to grave.

Pathology underpins every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment advice, to using cutting-edge genetic technologies and preventing disease. Pathologists also play a critical role in research, advancing medicine and devising new treatments.

In celebration of the pioneering work of pathologists, this pack offers a toolkit of ideas for running your own pathology-themed events, especially during National Pathology Week, which takes place in November each year.

We’ve included lots of different ideas and tools in this pack so you can run events, activities or workshops to help celebrate pathology and the vital role it plays in keeping us healthy throughout our life.

The pack includes guidelines and resources for running 12 interactive activities, that can be run at public events or in schools. They explore diverse pathology topics and specialties in creative ways to appeal to a range of non-scientist audiences. We have split these activities into three categories: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment. You'll also find top tips and information about how the College can support your events and activities. 

Activity Guidelines

Supporting resources

Pin the Microbe on the Human resources (page 19)

Cancel Cancer resource (page 22)

Sock-rosomes resource (page 27)

Dinky Dishes resource (page 30)

Totally Organ-ised Resources (page 32)