My heart belongs to you: organ donation

This resource is aimed at A-level students and includes three different scenarios based around making a decision about organ donation.


An ethical debate about organ donation. How old do you have to be to make up your own mind about something that may have a negative impact on your health? Should organ transplant go to patients who will be easier to manage or should the transplant go to the person with greater clinical need, or the one who contributes most to society? Is the voluntary system of organ donation in the UK fair? How much consent is enough? Should family consent be obtained or is the patient's name on the donor register enough authority for donation to go ahead?

Target audience 

A-level students

Type of activity


Pathology link

This activity focuses on histocompatibility and immunogenetics.

The activity ethics kit below contains curriculum links, as well as instructions on how to deliver the session using the resources provided including the scenario cards.