This interactive set of activities can be used with wide-ranging audience groups to engage them topics related to with vaccines and related topics including herd immunity and infectious diseases. Tips on narrative that will open conversations about the possible consequences of not vaccinating are also included in the activity instructions. 

The hands-on activities in ‘Give it a Shot’ activities can be used alongside the accompanying PowerPoint, and an animation about herd immunity. The resources are ideal for using with primary school pupils for British Science Week or for National Pathology Week. 

If you’re a teacher we can find a pathologist to help you run it and if you’re a pathologist keen to run something in a school we can help find one near you! 

You can download the instructions and some of the materials below. The College also has a larger version of the map and visualisation board you can ask to borrow – get in touch if this would be of interest. 

Give it a shot resource pack - activity guidelines

'Dartboard-style' vaccination activity mat

Injection counter for 'dartboard-style' game

Introductory PowerPoint slides

Image of someone with measles

Image of someone with mumps

Image of someone with rubella

A4 images to create 'visualisation board'