Public engagement videos

Take a look at some of the videos the College has created in aid of public engagement with pathology. If you'd like to be involved in future projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch with

Help us share the work we've done so far:

  • Hold a screening event for hospital staff to promote the work of pathology departments
  • Speak to your hospital communications team about displaying the videos on hospital multimedia e.g. on waiting room screens or on bedside TVs
  • Set up a stand in the foyer of the hospital to promote pathology and have the videos playing on a loop on a laptop to draw people in
  • Speak to your children’s school about arranging a screening of the videos during a special assembly or as part of a careers day

What happens to your sample?

This set of videos explains what happens after a sample has been taken. A lot of people will have a biopsy, or have their blood taken, but many do not know how they get their results. Help tell people about the amazing work that the experts are doing behind the scenes by sharing these videos.

The Public Engagement Innovation Grant Scheme

This is an example of a winner of the Public Engagement Innovation Grant Scheme, who perked the public's interest in pathology in an extremely unique way.

The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal is a film created for National Pathology Year, to raise awareness of the importance of pathology within the healthcare team.

Coming soon

Watch out for new videos coming soon. These videos will be based on interviews with newly qualified consultants who will talk about their job and life as a pathologist. To find out more about what the College is doing to promote careers in pathology, see our new careers pages.

If you have an idea for a video, or would like to be involved in future projects, please get in contact with