Writing up your event for the Bulletin

The Royal College of Pathologists’ quarterly publication, the Bulletin, features coverage of public engagement events from around the country – both as part of big awareness campaigns, and smaller local events too.

Each event report comprises a ¼ page photograph and 200 word write-up.

If you want us to feature your event in the Bulletin, we’d like you to:

  • tell the story of the event rather than just ‘what happened’
  • focus on the qualitative impacts – who came, what did they like about it, what did they take away from it?
  • describe people’s experiences and reactions – tell us any funny responses
  • let us know the highlight of your day
  • explain what you got out of it.

You need to mention:

  • basic facts – who organised it, where it was, what was the aim
  • name of author
  • professional group and grade of author
  • trust where author works
  • name of event.

Accompanying photos

We aim to include photographs about every event we publish, so please remember to take some colourful and eye-catching photos!

Photos we like, and are likely to include

  • Action shots/close-ups of the action
  • Unusual, interesting, colourful pictures
  • Images that tell the story
  • Photos taken on phones are fine, as long as they are well-lit and not blurry


If you write an article for us, we will ask for a headshot of you. Please make sure headshots are of a good quality and preferably in a professional environment (not on holiday or at a party!).

Getting consent

For all school students or people under 18 you will need to get a consent form, signed by the child’s parent or guardian in order to get permission to use the images.

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For school groups and where families have asked not to be photographed, you might like to give out the “no photographs please” stickers so that the photographer knows who not to include – and if someone is photographed in error the image will not be used. If you are planning on taking pictures at your event,stipulate that photos will be taken on the invitations or promotional materials so people are aware.

Publishing your event

It is possible that some reports and photographs will not be published in the Bulletin due to space restrictions. The events included will be selected from those submitted to give as wide a representation of geography, specialty, audience type and professional groups as possible.

However, reports that are not used may be uploaded onto our website.

Submitting your report

Please email [email protected] with

  • your 200-word report
  • a selection of photographs
  • the author’s headshot.
Need help? Last year, we published about all of the amazing events in the Bulletin. Take a read to get an idea for the structure and substance we are looking for.