18 February 2019

Please take a few minutes to complete our workforce survey, a vital tool in helping us maintain the future workforce of haematology and transfusion medicine.

Our workforce survey asks for information on the laboratory workload and on the consultant-level medical and scientific staffing in your department. It's easy to complete, and the information we gather is of huge benefit to the College, helping us to safeguard the future of haematology and transfusion medicine. 


Deadline for completion is 28 February 2019


How to participate

  1. Read the list of questions before starting, so you can prepare the information you need.
  2. Visit the workforce survey and complete it online. 
  3. Contact Reshma Patel, Workforce Co-ordinator at: [email protected] with any questions

If your department has not been contacted by us, please contact us to ask the reason.


Why is this important?

  • We seek this information to provide an accurate picture to government to influence and lobby policy-makers and parliamentarians on your behalf.
  • The survey results provide us with a comprehensive snapshot of the UK medical and scientific laboratory haematology and transfusion medicine workforce . 
  • We also need to obtain a realistic idea of the number of vacant posts.
Don't worry, the data you provide will be used as aggregated statistics in the report and is anonymised


Thank you for your help with this important work.