17 June 2022

Find out who the winners of our Pet Portrait Competitions are!

To celebrate National Pet Month and highlight the important work of veterinary pathologists, we invited members, students, family and friends to enter our inaugural RCPath Pet Portrait Competition.

We received 82 fantastic entries from across Twitter and Instagram. The judges, College President Professor Mike Osborn and veterinary pathologist, Reverend Dr Jenny McKay, had the enviable job of looking through all of the cute pet photos and selecting the winning entries across two categories: cutest pet and pet that looks most like its owner.

Thank you to all the people and pets who entered the competition and congratulations to our four winners, who will each receive a pet hamper from Pet Hampers UK! Scroll down to see the winning entries and download a certificate for your pet.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the pet competition. We had an amazing array of entries from salamanders to pigeons and from ducks to rabbits. The competition has been a great vehicle helping to highlight Veterinary Pathology and indeed the wide range of specialties pathology encompasses, and to help generate the broader discussion around pathology and our role. – College President, Professor Mike Osborn

I was amazed at the variety of pets people have and the love for them which came across really strongly in the pet/owner photos. The value of veterinary pathology in establishing diagnoses and treatments for these important family members shone through. The old adage in veterinary practice is that pets often look like their owners and that is still the case! – Reverence Dr Jenny McKay

The winners

Left: Cutest pet – Twitter winner: Winnie the cat, submitted by Donald Scott Anderson Sanders

Right: Pet that looks most like its owner – Twitter winner: Lily - future pathologist - and her doppelgänger dog Wynn, submitted by mum, Camilla Scott


Cutest pet – Instagram winner: Sydney the Portuguese fire salamander, submitted by Emily Carpenter, second year vet student at the University of Bristol


Pet that looks most like its owner – Instagram winner: Alan Penny and Arthur the cat