13 November 2018

Our National Pathology Week's social media competition has come to an end – thanks to all who entered!

As part of National Pathology Week, our members were invited to share a fascinating fact from their specialty for our #Secretsofthelab competition. Charlotte Morgan from Centre of the Cell brought together a group of Centre of the Cell youth members to judge the contest. This is the same organisation that helped us to host the John Oxford lecture and have been a valuable team to work with this National Pathology Week.

Standards were very high this year making it even harder for our secondary school panel to select an overall winner. To make it easier, they were presented a shortlist of five submissions, which covered a range of areas including allergens, data entry and even Diwali.

Our winner

Winner Helen Parsons' post proved triumphant, showcasing the magical shapes that can be found under the microscope. While one young judge called Helen’s post ‘beautiful’, another commented on how it was 'very creative and engaging'. One of the most important criteria for the competition was creating a post that was accessible to our young panel and Helen did this with resounding success. Helen and her team are awarded our £100 restaurant gift voucher – congratulations!

The shortlist 

Competition was tight with Preethi Paul’s international post being a close second. Preethi was commended for her ‘very creative video – especially the music’.

Tamara Forster was also a strong contender with her first post ‘relating to many people’, and her second post's pictures ‘linger[ing] in your mind’.

Finally Quarks Lepton’s post amused our young panel who appreciated all the hidden figures within pathology. 

Special mentions

Special mentions also goes to last year’s winner Chris Tiplady who posed a question regarding animal blood count. Poole Healthcare Scientists also caught our eye for their bridge between the study of proteins and the textile industry.

Many thanks to all those who entered! It was a superb selection and our panel of youth members, the College and the general public have loved learning about the diverse and riveting selection of pathology facts that everyone has shared. See you next year  – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!