Undergraduate and Foundation resources

The following websites are available to provide general information on pathology which are suitable to support undergraduate and Foundation learning. If you would like to recommend other websites, or notify us of any changes, please contact the College.

The College is also developing e-learning resources for undergraduates, the first tranche of which are available on the e-CPD app, developed by Barts Health Education Academy.

Academic websites

More academic websites 

Websites with pathology images

More pathology image websites

  • PathologyPics

    PathologyPics provides macroscopic and microscopic pictures, with associated multiple-choice questions (with answers). Requires registration to access all resources.

  • Atlas of Pathology

    The Atlas of Pathology website hosts microscopic explained images of basic pathology lesions along with accompanying text.

  • Pathpedia e-Atlas

    The Pathpedia e-Atlas hosts macroscopic and microscopic images and can be viewed by system (e.g. kidney).

  • WebPathology

    The WebPathology website provides a collection of both macroscopic and microscopic pathology images by system.

  • Histology World

    The Histology World website has interactive games, quizzes, videos and fact sheets. It also has a helpful test bank with answers.

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