Autoinflammatory disease update - Webinar

In this presentation Professor Sinisa Savic will cover the following:

  • Provide definition and classification of autoinflammatory disorders, 
  • Discuss their genetic heterogeneity 
  • Review the genetic causes and clinical features of selected conditions 
  • Provide un update on late-onset (acquired) forms of autoinflammatory syndromes 

This event will take place at 12:30pm and last approximately 1 hour.


This meeting is worth 1 CPD point (self credited).

Speaker Biography - Autoinflammatory disease update - Webinar

  • Professor Sinisa Savic

    Professor of Clinical Immunology and Honorary Consultant Immunologist

    Dr Sinisa Savic is a clinical professor of Clinical Immunology and honorary consultant immunologist based at University of Leeds, and St James’s University Hospital. He graduated in Medicine from Newcastle University and undertook general medical training in Newcastle upon Tyne. He then specialised in Clinical Immunology at Leeds and completed his PhD at Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine. He leads a regional immunology department offering specialist clinical and diagnostic services for adult patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, allergies and systemic autoinflammatory syndromes (SAID). He is a current chair of the British society for immunology Clinical Immunology Professional Network.  

    His translational research programme is focused on discovery of the molecular mechanisms which underpin the pathogenesis of inborn errors of immunity and associated acquired conditions. His most recent research activity has been directed towards the role of somatic mutation in the pathogenesis of immune mediated inflammatory disorders and acquired systemic autoinflammatory syndromes.