This talk will address how to use the ’surgical sieve’ approach when performing a post-mortem examination on a body recovered from water. Topics such as how the body came to be in the water, what occurred in the water and how one can establish pathological features of drowning will be covered.  

This event will take place at 1:00pm and last approximately 1 hour.


This meeting is worth 1 CPD point (self credited).

Autopsy webinar series – Deaths in water

  • Dr Ginni Fitzpatrick-Swallow

    Dr Ginni Fitzpatrick-Swallow is a Home Office Registered Forensic Pathologist. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and a Consultant working on behalf of Forensic Pathology Services, Home Office group practice in the Southeastern region of England. Dr Fitzpatrick-Swallow has a background in basic science, battlefield pathology and post-mortem computed tomography scanning (PMCT) and is a member of UKDVI and the Contaminated fatalities cadre. Her work involves performing post-mortem examinations on behalf of His Majesty’s Coroner’s and Police Forces in suspicious deaths in both the adult and paediatric populations.

  • Dr Esther Youd

    Dr Esther Youd is the Chair of the RCPath Death Investigation Committee and autopsy pathologist at the University of Glasgow.