Are you interested in exploring what a career in neuropathology or paediatric & perinatal pathology can offer you? Then this is the event for you! Come and join us for this virtual session where you can meet current trainees from both subspecialties, and hear from them about why they chose to enter training, examples of interesting/unusual cases and what you can do next to prepare yourself for the application. You will also have the opportunity to ask our live Q&A panel about any aspects of the job or training that you want! It is an opportunity to make useful contacts who can support your application going forwards. 

Everyone is welcome to join including pathology trainees at any stage of training, foundation doctors or undergraduates who are wanting to know more!

We are aiming to show you why sub-specialisation is a very positive and exciting opportunity in cellular pathology, and what working in neuropathology and paediatric & perinatal pathology can do for you!

  • 19:00    Welcome and introductions – why should I sub-specialise? Dr Matt Clarke & Dr Heather Keir
  • 19:05    What can a career in neuropathology offer me? Dr Matt Clarke
  • 19:25   What can a career in paediatric pathology offer me? Dr Jacinta Murray
  • 19:40    Interesting and unusual cases, Dr Fernanda Ruiz and Dr William Simmons
  • 20:00    What should I do next? Dr Matt Clarke & Dr Jacinta Murray
  • 20:10    Q&A panel discussion, Dr George Johnson, Dr Thomas Millner, Dr Adele Pryce-Roberts, Dr Fernanda Ruiz ,Dr William Simmons, Dr Clair Evans, Dr Monika Hofer, Dr Raluca Mihai and Dr Heather Keir.
  • 20:30    Summary and close


This meeting will be held via Zoom. Details of the meeting with accompanied guidance will be sent to attendees before the meeting. We strongly suggest you download Zoom to your computer/laptop to make the most of the meeting, however if this is not possible just simply click on the link provided. To Find out more about Zoom and how it works please visit the website.

Please note: If you experience any problems when connecting to your Zoom meeting, such as lagging or freezing, then this may indicate that there is an issue with your internet connection, or the device you are using. We suggest that you try to move to an area with a more stable connection and then re-join the meeting.