Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine


Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine is a higher education institute in Kyiv. Through the decades, the organisation has established itself as a higher educational, methodological and research centre. It consists of 5 faculties, 3 research and training institutes, 5 educational and medical centres, with 79 departments.


The current Memorandum of Understanding was first formed in 2019. It sets out that together we will work towards:

  • providing reciprocal support and exchange of scientific knowledge and advances in the field of medical science
  • establishing and maintaining research and academic collaboration (research collaboration, joint meetings on education and research issues)
  • establishing and maintaining reciprocal collaboration in education (undergraduate and postgraduate students) through 
    • exchange programmes
    • joint educational meetings
    • sharing good practices regarding curricula, curriculum development and training standards
  • opening opportunities for academic and professional development
  • holding joint scientific and practical events (congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and exhibitions).

Our achievements so far

  • Provided 2 speakers and cobadged a virtual scientific and practical conference 'Modern aspects of clinical pathology'. This was run in association with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine.
  • Jointly planned and ran a virtual event 'Modern approaches to diagnostics in the COVID-19 era'.
  • At the beginning of 2022, provided resources for Ukrainian pathologists on our website.