The Arab Board of Health Specialisations


The Arab Board of Heath Specialisations is non-profit organisation, founded in 1978 by the Council of Ministers of Health of the Arab League and aims to improve health services in the Arab countries by raising the scientific level of the clinical and health practice through its support of professional development and the implementation of international standards in the educational and training programs in the various health specialties. The first memorandum of understanding between The Arab Board of Health Specializations and the College was established in 2015 and recently became renewed for a further three years.


Objectives in the current MoU set out, that together we will work towards
  • Participate in train-the-trainer events and share best practices in the development and design of curricula.
  • Strengthen local examination and assessment methods and frameworks through training and examiner exchanges where feasible and appropriate.
  • Consider collaboration on projects or activities in relation to laboratory systems strengthening or accreditation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Promote pathology and laboratory medicine through a range of activities and events.

For more information about the Arab Board of Heath Specialisations, please visit their website